Business analytics projects used to take months to define well enough to build without wasted effort.  Ceregenics reduces the delay that project-definition work imposes by 80 percent.

Fast project starts require 80/20 specifications.  Over the past 15 years, Ceregencs scoured dozens of agile methods to identify a set of nine artifacts that quickly capture just enough project definition to point an agile team in the right direction and keep them moving forward.

These artifacts tackle the project from two directions: top down and bottom up.  The top-down set ensures that the teams understands the requirements as viewed by project sponsors and other executive stakeholders.  The bottom-up set allows the team to quickly assemble a repository of functional requirements from the managers and knowledge workers in your company who are closest to the business problems that need to be solved.

By combining two sets of artifacts from two completely separate points of view, Ceregenics provides your architects and designers with “stereoscopic vision” on the project, allowing them to spot errors and omissions in requirements before serious development effort has been put at risk.