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Ensure the people building your enterprise data analytics know agile

How can a project sponsor or a program manager be assured that the developers on their business analytics team truly know the philosophies and practices that agile data management projects require?  Easy—make sure that your developers are indeed Certified Agile Data Warehousing Resources or Practitioners.

Ceregenics wrote the book on agile data warehousing (ADW)—in fact, three of them. This investment in codifying the ADW practice uniquely positions us to test and certify the agile delivery skills of others.

We offer three certifications—the CADWR, CADWP, and CADWL—so that trained agile developers can demonstrate they are ready to contribute effectively to an incremental DW/BI development project. Each certificate is awarded to individuals passing a 2-hour multiple choice exam that tests their command of the body of knowledge outlined in the agile data warehousing books by Ralph Hughes.

The entry-level, CADWR (resource) certificate documents that a developer understands the vocabulary and programming methods required to participate effectively in an iterative programming effort.

The more advance, CADWP (practitioner) certificate demonstrates that a developer’s understands more than just the surface practices and is ready to build guidance artifacts such as agile requirements listings, adaptive data models, and iterative quality assurance plans without close supervision.

The CADWL (leader) certificate documents that practitioners have the experience and depth of knowledge to form and mentor ADW teams of their own.