Ceregenics accelerates the delivery data analytics ten-fold over traditional approaches.  Process improvements such as streamlined requirements management and adaptive data modeling provide the first tripling of delivery speeds.  Adaptive data modeling and computer-generated transform modules accelerate the process another three-fold or more.

Such speed and adaptability is crucial for companies competing in the global marketplace because it not only provides the analytics you need in a business-reasonable time frame, but it also dramatically lowers the IT risk and investment required to achieve the market dominance you are striving for.

We achieve this acceleration through four major techniques:
•  streamlined requirements management (fast project starts)
•  new data modeling paradigms (adaptive designs)
•  reusable data management widgets and model-driven code generators
•  automated application testing and other, cutting-edge productivity tools

Ceregenics did not invent all of the components listed above, but we were the first to figure out how to fit them together and then interface them with the standard engineering disciplines that most large-company IT shops must follow.

We understand the agile EDW process far better than anyone else and can offer a distinctly faster application development cycle with far better results than any other business intelligence consulting firm of any size.