Welcome to Ceregenics.  We help companies increase their competitive positioning in their markets through fast deployment of high-quality and adaptable business intelligence and data analytic systems.

Some say we invented the concept of agile data warehousing. We simply claim to be its preeminent  practitioners and advocates.  Since 1998 we have been thought leaders in the definition and practice of agile enterprise data warehousing (EDW), that is, orchestrating large, decision-support development efforts.  With our help companies can experience:

•  fast starts on big projects — applications start solving pressing business needs within weeks
•  frequent deliveries of incremental capabilities — project risk stays remarkably low
•  continuous quality assurance — the resulting data and business insights are trustworthy

We provide the agile-certified architects, project managers, data modelers, analysts, and system testers required to get these projects quickly underway and drive them to completion.  During development, we focus on repeatable process definition and technology transfer, so upon project completion our customers are fully capable of running the next agile project on their own.

Companies wanting to “agilize” their EDW programs need to work with a company that understands incremental data warehousing in particular, because one cannot just force fit a generic agile method such as Scrum and Kanban into a data management project and expect it to work.  The data integration programming alone requires that a team effectively three to five applications at once, necessitating a far more disciplined and nuanced approach than generic Scrum masters can provide.

This web site will introduce you to the groundbreaking and disciplined method for iterative DW/BI system development that Ceregenics has invented, employed, documented, and taught worldwide over the past fifteen years.  We have led, trained, coached, and advised over 1,500 data analytics professionals in agile techniques over the past 15 years.  On any page, you can press “Contact Us” to open a direct conversation with us and explore how to apply these proven techniques to your particular situation.

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